Jaase Mini Me Indiana Maxi Dresses for Kids October 25 2016, 0 Comments

Lotus Beach Boutique is always on the look out for the latest must have fashion items. Well the latest accessory is a gorgeous "Mini Me" so dress up your little ones in a Jaase Kids Dress. 

The cutest thing we have seen all year... Available in store and online they come in 3 prints, Bora Bora , Feather Print and Millie Print and sizes 2 years to 10 years. Perfect for XMas presents for the friends and families little girls

If you get in quick you can also get the matching prints in adult Indiana Maxi and other styles and dress up matchie matchie for family photo shoots. 

Here at Lotus Beach Boutique we love everything by Australia's hottest label JAASE and are always putting together the best in beach BOHO looks for our warm Queensland summers.

Check out the Gorgeous 'Bella' Bell Sleeve Top from Jaase!! August 10 2016, 0 Comments

 Just landed in Lotus Land, the new 'Bella' Bell Sleeve' Top by Jaase the Label in Flowerbomb Print!!

So gorgeous back with white denim or your black skinnies. Rock it with a beige or tan floppy felt hat and a black leatherette choker for the puuuufect boho look.

Sizes are true and available in XS, S, M & L and is 100% Rayon.

Limited stock as always Lotus Babes so get into Lotus Beach Boutique or order online here! Sx

Grammy Awards - Our Favourite Outfits! Taylor Swift Nailed it! February 10 2015, 0 Comments

Well there was some definitely some interesting outfits at the Grammys this year but I must say not as outrageous as some years before. I think our number one pick would be Taylor Swift. That emerald green gown looks so eloquently crafted and is like a good marriage to her figure, its a gown and a mini-dress that just shows off those pins so well. We also loved her choice of shoe color these two colours together always sets off a spark. Our biggest what the outfit would be Rhianna's pink puffy number, but as strange as it seems it doesn't look that bad. Ariana Grande as always looks super sleek in the white and silver number, then there is the Classic Queen B with her curvaceous figure reigning supreme. 

Another outfit that got people talking was not a dress but Sia's over grown wig.. We think its great and loved that she got out and walked the red-carpet with her own unique flare. Chrissy Teigen never fails to make jaws drop such a beautiful white gown and that man thats on her arm well, don't we all just love a little bit of legend. Not unlike Beyonce the beautifully curvaceous and proud Meghan Trainor's gown looks amazing and so does she. Love you Meghan your an inspiration. 

Another few of our favourites are Katy Perry all sparkle, Kat, Graham although the material choice for the flower detail could of been a bit softer & Bonnie McGee who doesn't like a low cut back a great way to show off your buns hun!

Oscar Fashion - Rosmund Pike and Reese Witherspoon February 03 2015, 0 Comments

Rosmund Pike has been nominated for best actress in her role as Amy Dunn in Gone Girl. Born in 1979 in London Rosmund has risen to a role that is full of twists and turns. She starts off seemingly like the beautiful wife only to develop a character of certain evil plotting. Reese Witherspoon who also produced Gone Girl is also nominated for her role in Wild. If either ladies win it will be a win win for Ms Witherspoon is seems. Both adorned classic white dresses at this year’s Academy awards Luncheon held on the 2nd February.

Reese is wearing a Giambattista Valli dress. Rosamund is wearing a Vionnet dress and Brian Atwood shoes.

Whether Rosmund is wearing Jeans and a blazer or adorning red carpets in chic couture Rosmund has the frame to pull of just about any look. Rosmund looks great wearing neutral colors but with her milky skin we think when she wears yellow it also makes a zing. Rosmund doesn't just stick with similar cuts she can pull of a-line, pulled in waist, body-con or the classically elegant skirt and blouse look. We love her style and cant wait to see what she wears on the 22nd February. 























Now lets turn to Reese, we have loved her and her style since being that bubbly blonde in Legally Blonde. Even though we haven't seen her in her nominated role of Wild we are sure she deserves this nomination. This women is capable of winning us over in many genres from thrillers and dramas to  feel good movies and comedy. Now her style, well whats not to love? Whether she is running errands whilst being a busy mum or gracing us on the red carpet Reese always seems to have a glow that supersedes the garment she is wearing. Reese doesn't have to do much to look great, but her wardrobe I am sure is overflowing with amazing options for any occasion. 

We are looking forward to see what these two beautiful blondes will wear at this years Oscars, we are sure they will hit the best dressed list.

What do you love about these ladies fashion styles?



Lotus Boutique. 


AUSTRALIA DAY - Our 10 Most Fierce Aussie Ladies January 26 2015, 0 Comments

Well since its Australia Day we thought we would showcase our TEN MOST FIERCE Australian Women!

First off the rank is Elle Macpherson, born in Sydney in 1964 this lady does nothing but improve with age. Her modelling career started in 1982 and 33 years later we think she still is that ‘girl next door’ fantasy girl for many men.  Elle for us is a lay of timeless beauty and grace that a iconic role model for many Australian Women.

The beautiful Cate Blanchett is such an amazing Australian Talent. This Melbourne girl has done us proud winning 2 Academy Awards first in 2005 for her supporting role in The Aviator and more recently in 2014 for her leading role in Blue Jasmine for which she also won a BAFTA and Golden Globe. This screen legend also does us proud on the red carpet always exuding elegance and class! Proud of you Cate!

Margot Robbie, even though only recently found international success with her role in the Wolfe of Wall Street, we have loved her since her humble beginnings playing Donna Freedman on Neighbours. Her eyes are just enough to knock any man off her feet, she does well mixing sexy siren with elegant sheek.  This gold coast born beauty has a promising future ahead of her and we cannot wait to see what’s next for her.

Megan Gale, well isn’t she just amazing on so many levels. This Perth born girl started her modelling career at 18 years old and then got casted in Italy for a series of telecommunications advertisements. Vodafone Italy had her appearing in ads from 1999 -2006 after which she returned home to Australia. Megan also maintained a 10 year contract for our Australian department Store David Jones, which is the longest held fashion contract in Australia.

Miranda Kerr, well we remember from when she won the Dolly/Impulse modelling competition at a young age of 13.  Miranda was born and raised in Gunnedah NSW. In 2008 she landed it big getting a gig with the infamous Victoria’s Secret and has walked in every show since. But Miranda is more than just catwalks and runways; she also is a global ambassador for Earth hour, spokesperson for Kids helpline, author of ‘Treasure Yourself’ and is the founder and owner of KORA Organics skin – skin care line.  Lead the way Miranda!

Naomi Watts, what isn’t to love about this Aussie great? She is so humble, honest, and natural and looks amazing on the red-carpet.  Even though she was born in England her and her family settled here when she was 14 so we think we can claim her as growing up in Australia has the best effect on people! Meeting her best friend Nicole Kidman when they shared a cab home from a bikini Audition, Naomi has become a compelling actress, chilling us in the Ring just to name one of many films. Naomi is such a classic beauty that always seems to have a glow about her, onscreen, off screen or on the red carpet.  

Nicole Kidman and her porcelain skin, from humble backgrounds to starring in an Australian film a Bush Christmas at the age of 14, Nicole is now one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.  Nicole was actually born in Hawaii if we are honest however her family moved to Sydney when she was three so she is definitely Aussie! Her first big role was in the 1989 film ‘Dead Calm’ and has recently starred in ‘Before I go to sleep’. We love her best though for her role in the Australian produced ‘Moulin Rouge’. With Nicole her achievements list goes on and on but we love her and her grace style any time of day!

Rachael Taylor… Love, love, love, her style and her look it always resonates with every girl on the street. Rachael grew up in Tasmania and moved to Sydney to help develop her career. Rachel however is no dumb blond did you knows she has a degree in history and science? Rachael’s breakthrough role was in Transformers in 2007 where she plays an attractive tech geek. Such a bright star of Australia and we are sure her career will just get bigger and bigger. Rachael’s style is always great whether she is in a T-shirt and jeans or red-carpet gown she just always looks flawless.

Rose Byrne is our brunette beauty. Those eyes though can tell a story and illuminate any emotion she chooses to portray. We love how this Balmain girl, can star if blockbusters like Star Wars and Troy but make us laugh in Bridesmaids and Bad Neighbours. Anyone remember her from heartbreak high or starring alongside Heath ledger in the Aussie Classic Two hands? We think is the master of the blazer or belted dress, she always looks divine.

Last but not least Toni Collette from her role in the Aussie Classic Muriel’s wedding to The Sixth Sense there is no role that Toni could not handle.  Anyone get a chance to see her in the TV Series United States of Tara? She is incredible in this playing a Mum who has split personality disorder. Her ability to switch from the personalities is nothing but amazing.  Toni often plays challenging roles, and her characters always seem to be stressed out, run down emotional characters, but she plays them perfectly allowing us to feel the emotion of her role. This said she does glamour it up nicely and off screen looks together and stylishly calm.

The Oscars - Style and Fashion of the Leading Ladies - Marion Cotillard January 22 2015, 0 Comments

In the lead up to the Oscars on the 22nd of February we thought we would write a little feature on each of the nominated best and supporting actresses. First off the block is the intimately intriguing Marion Cotillard.. 

This French beauty is nothing but class and elegance. She is a classic beauty that leaves you yearning for the old Hollywood glamour of the 50s & 60s, with her beauty often being compared to icons such as Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. 

This absolutely breathtaking dress perfectly highlights her silhouette with a mermaid like swooping tail. 

What we love love love about Marion is she can probably wear a garbage bag and still exude an alluring, mysterious, softly seductive aura. We can't wait to see how she will dazzle on this years Oscars' red carpet. You can be sure that every designer in the world would jump out of their skin if she decided to wear their design. Why wouldn't  you, its guaranteed to be presented with a swan like presence that is nothing but effortless. 


Now lets not just admire her for her style and grace, Marion Cotillard is being nominated for Best actress for her role in Two Days, One Night. Marion's character in the film is Sandra, a mother who is on the verge of loosing her job due to a mental breakdown. Directed by belgian Borthers Jean  Pierre and Luc Dardeme, Marion's performance seems nothing but evoking. This is definitely not a glamour role but one of human struggle mentally and fiscally, merely just watching the trailer gave me goosebumps (even with subtitles).  Marion is stripped back in this movie, no makeup, stressed and mainly wearing just jeans and a tank, she really wipes it all off and projects a truthful human experience. This movie seems to be pinned on the excellent performance Marion gives it and we wish her the best of luck, she deserves this nomination. 

Good Luck Marion! We Love you! 

Now hears some more pictures of Marion and her style that we just love! What do you Love about Marion's Style?



Just Getting Started! September 22 2014, 0 Comments

We are so excited at Lotus Boutique that we have launched online. Its going to be a long process to get all our stock online but we will get there eventualy. We are only a little guy with one store located in Airlie Beach Queensland. We realise that the only way to stay ahead of the game in a seasonal town that we be get online! So here we are, we hope you find something you like. We will be adding more cloths untill we get them all up so watch this space!