Angie's Adventures Book Series Including all 4 Books


Angie's Adventures Book Series Including all 4 Books

Stories and Illustrations by Gail Harvey

Book 1: Subjects - Families, Friendships, Feelings and First Days at School

Book 2: Subjects - Children and Jet Travel, Family Heritage, Bird Migration, Helping Small Creatures, Recognising that sometimes what we are looking for is right in front of us

Book 3: Subjects -To Appreciate Nature, To Help those less fortunate, to respect elders and to Appreciate our senses

Book 4: Subjects - Migration of Whales, The Cycle of Life, Caring for Creatures Great and Small, Caring for the Environment

Give your child the gift of Knowledge and Adventure

- Teach them about the geography of the world

- Teach them, about the people of the world

- Teach them about the animals, great and small

- Teach them to love themselves and others

- Teach them to explore

- Teach them to embrace adventure

- Teach them about family values